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Current year to decimal or integrer variable.. ?

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I'm not really clear what you mean.


If you have the year as a text variable tYear then you can simply convert it to a decimal variable dYear:

Variable Set String %tYear% to "2016"
Variable Modify String %tYear%: Convert to Decimal (%dYear%)
Text Box Display: Result

Or do you mean you want to convert the current Date (not year), as in this command?

Convert Date/Time to Decimal: %dtCurrentTime% => %dCurrentTime%

Here's an extract from ME Pro's excellent Help:


Convert Date/Time to Decimal Variable


This option converts a Date/Time variable to a decimal value representing the date/time. The value is then saved to a Decimal variable. Create a Date/Time variable through the Variable tab in the Script Editor or through the Date/Time command.


Script Editor > Expand Variables Category > Convert Date/Time to Decimal

Date/Time Variable to Convert

Select the Date/Time variable to convert to a Decimal variable.

Decimal Variable to Receive the Result

Select the Decimal variable to store the value of the converted Date/Time variable.



Below is a sample date and time saved to a Date/Time variable:

4/25/2011 11:00:05 AM


The Date/Time variable value above converts to the decimal value shown below:


The first 5 digits represent the date. The decimal section, to the right of the period, represents the time (or fraction of a day).




Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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