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Text variable to decimal variable ? (multiple choice menu)

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In the multiple choice menu, I have this :


A = 1

B = 2

T = 20


saved to variable %nb_ingr%


If I save the text, I have "1, 2, 3... 20" but in text format variable (so I can't use it for a "repeat")

If I save the "item value", it saves "A, B, C... T" <_< .


Anyone have a way, except doing 20 times this :

if %nb_ingr% = A :: %nb_ingr_nb% = 1


? Thank you.

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A variable's name can't be a variable in part or whole. In my opinion you need to restructure your logic. However in rare cases one might have to resort to the Run Macro in Variable command. It's the only way I know that might work to do what you're planning.

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hello everyone


I am a newbie using macro express pro


does anyone know how to set clipboard copied text into type text using any mean in MACRO EXPRESS PRO?


there is a field which i need to copy e.g. 11:22:33 to it but I can not paste the same copied content, rather I can type.


if I could type the clipboard text using macros, it would solve my problem....


does anyone know?


did I post to a correct thread or theres an answer to it anywhere in this website.?

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