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Self-Destructing Macros

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Hey Everyone,

Great community, very responsive and helpful, thank you!

I think i saw it a while back but wanted to know if it was feasible, I am wondering if it would be possible to have a self-destructing macro? Lets say I want to make sure a macro with someone that after a period of time it deletes itself. Maybe after 3 runs it sends a commend to itself to delete? I am not sure how the easiest way it can be done.

So the background is that I want to share a special macro that has sensitive stuff, I want them to use it for 2 days and then after that I want it to be deleted. It's allready password protected at 2 levels, just want to make "extra" sure.

Your ideas will be as always much appreciated.

Thank you,


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There is no way to edit the macro file and remove a macro. But you could create a separate macro file and delete it. IE use one to launch the other then kill after criteria is met.

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Hey Cory,

What I was thinking is that the macro;
1. Can communicate with a server, website, or something similar that would look for a trigger, if trigger is found then open up a hidden window to delete the macro? So the trigger would instruct the same macro to create another macro to delete the specific macro after completion.
2. This can also be done without internet or web, so after the variable <DATE> is made, it creates another macro in a secret location (hidden window) and then that macro is executed at the end of the run.

Would that work?

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