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Macro to operate only in a Gmail window

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I want to have a Macro that runs only in a Gmail window.

But Macro Express Pro doesn't appear to see the Gmail windows. See the attached PDF.

Does anyone know how I could get Macro Express to limit the scope of my macro to Gmail windows?




Marc Hankin

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Rather than using the scope tab, perhaps you can put logic within the macro itself so it immediately does a Macro Return if it is running for the wrong window.

I’m not sure why ME doesn’t recognize the window title. I have a macro that I start from a hot key, to run in both yahoo mail and gmail, and to assure it is not running in some other application these commands work:
If Window Title "Yahoo! Mail" is on top
If Window Title "gmail" is on top

Macro Return
End If

Another approach is to have the macro type Alt-d to highlight the web site’s address line, copy to clipboard, then see if it contains something like this: https://mail.google.com/mail/?tab=wm#inbox

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