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Logos for MExpress that will load OK on Windows 10

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Hi to the forum, Can anyone direct me to ICON files that I can load to work with M.Express.


I wondered if the Icons that are used for TASKER can be downloaded and imported into M.Express Pro.


Thanks in advance for reading this request.


John Edwin Skelton

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There are numerous websites that have public license icon files, EG iconarchive.com. Icons can be embedded in executable files but you can also use independent icon graphic files which have the extension ICO.


The only application I know of called "Tasker" is an Android app. Since it runs in the Android OS I don't see how you could get it to run in Windows without using something like the development tool that has a virtual phone. I think the easiest way would be to view the icon on your device and then do a screen capture. Then using a graphics app like IrfanView crop out the icon and save it as an ICO file.

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Hi to Cory Jackson, Thank you for your help and information. Personally I am surprised that Macro Express don't have ICON PACKS which could be bought for their Macro Express Pro.


I for one would be happy to buy ICON sets for a few dollars. What I currently need is a nice icon which shows ' OPEN CD DRIVE ' with clarity to sit on my Windows 10 task bar.


I appreciate this forum.


Regards John Skelton

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Macro Express can assign any icon (.ico) file to a macro. As Cory points out, there are numerous icons available on the web that are free for both personal or commercial use. I have many icons in my Macro Express Pro icon folder at c:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro\Icons.

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Hi to forum members. Thanks for all the tips.


What I have done is by a copy of iConvert Utility which is not very expensive.


Using the info from 'MASTER' I have now made a neat very recognizable eject CD icon and placed it on my Windows 10 TASKBAR, with a Macro Express file running from this icon to open up my CD drive. Fiddling with finding the release button on the CD drive fitted to my HP laptop to get it to open was a 'PAIN IN THE PROVERBIAL' to say the least.


So thanks again. I appreciate the help as a 69 year old bumbling computer amateur. John Edwin Skelton in SLOVAKIA.

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