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I have five macros that call each Other by the nickname, can I put These in one playable file mxe - one of These Five macros is called start, if i doubleclick the mxe file this one should be executed - is this possible? I Read that only one Macro can be put in a playable file?


Thanks a Lot


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How about double-click a batch file like x.bat, where x.bat contains the line meproc.exe /ANickname.

"Nickname" can be a macro that runs the other macros by a series of MacroRun commands.


Look up macexp.exe and meproc.exe in the help files.


There's no requirement that the macros be segregated in their own .mex file.

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Ok, i habe a mex file with 6 macros in it - how do i get it, that if the user doubleclick this mex file, that one of these macros in my example called start is executed - that must be a kind auf autoexec macro. this macro calls the other macros. and is it possible to get this mex file on a taskbar as a standalone button.


thank you very very much!!!

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Each macro has properties, which you can access from Macro Explorer. Schedule is one of the properties, and run at Startup is one of the schedule options. You can try specifying that for the one macro in the mex file that you want to run. It works as long as Macro Express is not already running.


The .bat file method described previously should work. Have you tried it? It's just as easy to double click a batch file icon as a mex file icon, and doesn't matter whether ME is already running or not..

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Read the help file. It explains it all. And you don't need a batch file, simple may a shortcut to a MEX file with the /A command line switch to run a macro by name. And you can have a macro that runs other macros with the Macro Run command.

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