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Windows 10 Photos app does not record or honor commands

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Macro do not seem to work on the Windows 10 Photos app. Anyone found that?


I'm trying to do a photos enhance command on 3000 pictures so I setup a loop that would do a Control E (to get the picture into edit mode), followed by the letter E (to have it do the enhance), followed by a Control S (to save it) and then the right arrow key to go to the next picture (and repeat until the loop counter matches what I entered).


I can do this fine manually but when I created the macro and ran it, it did exactly nothing. Debug showed it going through the commands but nothing happened.


Tried doing it using the macro capture and the recorder recorded nothing - weird. )


I tried the same macro on Word and it executed the commands as programmed so the macro does do the control, letter and movement keys correctly.


I also tried it with Mouse capture and that works fine so I could use that but I would prefer to program it using keyboard keys if at all possible.


I did some searching on this site and found nothing related to Photos or windows 10 that matches this problem.


Any thoughts?




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I can't think of anything to help with the macro other than I have suspected that Windows Metro Apps might have some issues. My only suggestion would be to find another application to enhance the images. I use Lightroom but it costs money. But I'm thinking there should be other applications out there for free. For instance I use Irfanview also which has an auto-color correction. And it's designed to be run by keystrokes. You might even be able to do it from the command line.


FTR I work on computers a lot and I haven't found a useful metro app yet. In fact I rather hate them and their "Fisher price" interface. However they are great for tablets. I just haven't found any use for them in a desktop environment.

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Thank You Cory and Samrae,


Samrae, I ran it as administrator and it made no difference.


Cory, I actually use a few image editing apps, all free, and I found that Photo's Enhance option does the best job so I really do want to use it.


I will use the mouse option then; I managed to get it working pretty well (timing is everything) so now to start it running and walk away from the computer for about 2 hours.



Gary :D

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