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MacEx Can't "See" Windows Explorer


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I am having trouble writing macros to work in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 Pro) because, at least on my system, Windows Explorer doesn't show up in the list of running programs in MacroExpress 3. Therefore, I can't restrict a macro's scope to Explorer, and I can't activate an Explorer window, close it, and so on.


Is this a problem with Windows 7, or could it be some configuration of mine that's causing it?


Thanks for any help!

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You can start Explorer by having a macro launch program explorer.exe. I believe there are parameters you can feed it at launch, to say "what" you want to explore.


Window name on my PC is whatever is being explored -- that is, if I highlight the Temp folder, window name will be C:\Temp.


Windows Task Manager seems to show process "explorer.exe" running all the time, whether it actually has a window open or not, so macro command "If program explorer.exe is running" always tests true on my PC.


The following seems to work for me, as to whether explorer is actively displaying a window or not:

If Program Name "explorer.exe" is on top
Text Box Display: Explorer is on top
Text Box Display: Explorer is not on top
End If


Hope that helps a little.

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