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I'm just evaluating Macro Express as the natural add on after ShortKeys (the application). One feature of SK that I love is the ease of adding a new shortkey, and am trying to create a macro patterned after that. In essence, what I am trying to accomplish is


Trigger: Ctrl Up Arrow


Cut the selected text

Open the Macro Express Editor

Wait for the window Macro Express - to open

Execute the menu commands to create a new macro <ALT>ma

Select Short Key as the type, and wait for the name to be entered



Where I am running into problems is in the simplest point of executing the <alt>ma to create a new macro. No matter what I do, I get the system beep, which I'm gathering means I have a timing problem. Thoughts? Seems executing a menu should not be this hard

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The menus in many programs, including Macro Express, do not respond correctly when you do Text Type <Alt>m but it will work if you do Text Type <ALTD>m<ALTU>.


Also, a small amount of delay is required in certain places. This macro works on my computer:

// Launch the Macro Express Editor
Macro Run: Run Macro Express Editor

// Wait for the Macro Express window
Wait For Window Title: "Macro Express -"

Variable Set Decimal %D1% to 0.1
Variable Set Decimal %D2% to 0.5

// Navigate the menus
Keystroke Speed: 10 Milliseconds
Text Type: <ALTD>m<ALTU>a
Delay %D2% Seconds

// Click on activation type of ShortKey
Mouse Move Window 42, 112
Mouse Left Button Click
Delay %D1% Seconds

// Tab to the shortkey field
Text Type: <TAB>
Delay %D1% Seconds

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