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Is this possible? Multiple Directories from file names?


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I want to have a macro that looks at all the files in a directory and then creates a new directory for each file (where the name of the directory is based on the file's name) and then moves each file in the original directory into the newly created directory.


So if E:\temp contains two files: filename1.mp4 and filename2.mp4 then the result would be two new directories containing one file each as in:


e:\Video downloads\filename1\filename1.mp4

e:\Video downloads\filename2\filename2.mp4


The newly created folders should not include the mp4 extrension

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I think this will work:


Repeat with Folder (folder E:\Temp, putting file name only into text variable T1)

Use Variable Modify Text commands to copy T1 to T2 and strip off the file extension from T2
Create Folder: "C:\%T2%"
Wait for Folder Exist: "C:\%T2%"
Copy File or Files: "E:\Temp\%T1%" (destination C:\%T2%\%T1%)
Repeat End

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