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Macro In A Specific Window?


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Ok i have made a macro to paste some text, wait 20seconds and press enter then repeat.


I think i set it up correctly so it runs in a specific window, but when i run the macro it doesnt run in that window, it runs in the window i have open.


What i want it to do is run the macro, minimize the window it's supposed to be running in, so i can do other things.


Help apreciated.



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Hmm, well itried that.

Maybe i wasnt clear enough.


I want this macro to run in a specific window even if it is minimized. (Is this possible?)


As it stands now it switches to the window types the text and finishes the macro, then it repeats itself over and over again.


So i want it so it runs in the window even if it is minimized, so i can do other things while the macro will play in that window in the background.



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Windows only accepts keystrokes and mouse events (clicks & moves) for the window that has focus. However, you may have success using the Windows Controls. For an sample macro that demonstrates this, open the samples.mex file (installed with Macro Express) and look at the macro titled 'Calc ulator and Note pad' (this is the correct name).

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