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Hi masters,

I'm trying to automate mouse and keystroke action on a remote desktop. However when I disconnect from the remote desktop session the mouse and keystroke stop working on that remote desktop. I tried control function for mouses( learn from calculator example) but it does not work for all buttons/tab in the software


Could i keep the keystroke and mouse clicking even when I am disconnected from the remote desktop? I need to perform two major actions




1. Shortkey's

Such as Ctrl+Q to start the test sequence


2. MouseClick

to select the correct tab





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Search the forum here and you will find an explanation. The short story is all user interface activities stop when you suspend a Remote Desktop session. And it's not MEP that's doing it, it's Windows. It's like your refrigerator. When you close the door, the light goes off.


I used to get around this by using VNC which works with the console session. I think you can also do something similar with Remote Desktop. There's a mode known as shadowing and it connects to the console session so admins can see what a user sees at the same time.

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Hi Cory,

Thanks for your reply.

Is there any method that can utilise the shortkey action such as Ctrl + Q in the attached pic without using UI?


I'm using a macbook to control a computer in a commercial building, would i still be able to setup shadowing?


BTW all macros that don't use the UI will still work, EG file operations and such.

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I don't see an attached pic. I can tell you that if it's anything that requires a keystroke or a mouse event it will not work. However there are often other ways to get a program to do things. First look to see if there is any API for it. Then maybe see if there are any command line options. I don't know what you're trying to do so I have no idea what will work.


For Remote Desktop shadowing is more about what happens on the server side so I think it's likely it would work whit a client on a different OS. I haven't done the shadowing thing in some time so I'm not sure how well it will work. Connecting to the console is not the normal way RD works. That's why I suggested VNC. You might also consider LogMeIn.com.

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