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Does Version Support Unicode Characters?

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Hello, I am using version


I have a question about the latest version. Does Macro Express Pro support Unicode characters yet? If not, can someone forward this message to the developers to add that feature in the next version? Read the example below.




So here's an example.

1) Open your Macro Express version

2) Create a New Macro, give it any available HotKey, and name it whatever name you want, press OK.

3) For the script, maximize Windows/Programs, double click Activate or Launch, press the Browse button.

4) At the bottom for Window Title, copy and paste the following spaces inside the quotes: "     " (don't type the spaces with your spacebar; instead select the spaces inside the quotes, and do Ctrl+C, or right click -> copy, and paste in Macro Express).

5) Press OK

6) Now do you see "?????" (question marks) for Window Title? If so, that means version still doesn't support Unicode characters. Can you please add this feature?

If it actually shows spaces, then this version supports it, I'll install it whenever I get the time.



Reason why I want to use Unicode characters in Macro Express is because I now use that "space" in front of certain file names, in order to organize them the way I want to in folders. You should try it; they actually allow you to add spaces in front of file names in File Explorer.

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Please ready the sticky in this forum about requesting support or features from ISS.

MEP does not support Unicode. But I did what you asked just to be sure and I see question marks.

I would never 'organize' my folders that way but I have seen it done with other characters. EG "@" or an underscore. Underscore is about the closest. Or, simply number your files.

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Okay thank you for the reply for letting me know if supports Unicode characters or not. So I will post a request in the appropriate location.


And about the whole Organization methods I use, are very simple and eye appealing. Using other characters to reorganize files in folders is very unorganized and unprofessional; It doesn't look good at all. I use logic, mathematics & a LOT of testing and trials to make things look the best that they possibly could.

For example, check out the picture I attached. Organizing those files in that manner took a lot of tests and trials with combinations of many different Unicode 'space' characters & regular space characters.


In the attached image, I like the way the files are organized above that last line in the folder. I like things reasonable.


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Different strokes for different folks.


Interesting to think of the Unicode support in file names. I could think of some other cases where that would be fun. However I can see it really causing some problems with MEP and applications like them when it comes to commands that work with file names. I wonder if ISS has considered this.

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Yea. The whole general idea for me to use this special "space" character is in order to organize the contents of files inside a folder in a specific order (also, you can set the names of folders in a specific chronological order. You can practically set the order of almost any item in File Explorer the way you want to). There is no built-in method in Windows to let you do that. It would be nice to organize files in a specific order in File Explorer the way that you want to.


For example: a file called "Test4.txt" to always show as the 1st file in the list of files, and "Test1.txt" to always show as the 2nd file in the list of files.

Notice how the files are named? File Explorer will make Test1 show as the first file in the list, and Test4 as the second file... (when the files are listed by file name). But it would be very nice to organize them the way you want to! As a matter of fact, there is an 'invisible' space that looks like it didn't do anything to the file name, yet it exists there! This could be confusing since you don't know if there's a special character in that file name. Yet in my scenario, I can see that there's a space in the front, implying that I put that special Unicode character in the front, in order to re-order the files inside the folder.


But thanks for testing it out earlier; I sent in a request =)

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