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Text Type of <Alt> works unexpected

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if there's a command in a script: "Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes) <ALT>", it doesnt work as expected.

It seems as if it has been realized something like

  • if <ALT> is typed, there will follow at least 1 character to complete a command
    • If at least 1 character (or number or something) follows: simulate keydown <ALT>, simulate following character(s), simulate keyup <ALT>
    • If NO character (or number or something) follows (means only to simulate <TAB>): simulate nothing
      and wait for next character to type (simulate) and then simulate keydown <ALT>, simulate following character(s), simulate keyup <ALT>

With this behavior, there's a general problem with some Applications (i.e. Outlook 2016):

I need to press (down and up) <ALT>, that means <ALT>, and nothing else! to activate, that outlook can be controlled by keyboard. That doesn't work in ME.


So i can't automate "lock sender" (because of spam).


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I need to press (down and up) <ALT>, that means <ALT>, and nothing else

I find <ALT> often does not work, specifically with Office programs. I generally use <ALTD> and <ALTU> instead. Have you tried

Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALTD><ALTU>

Outlook may even want a small delay in between:

Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALTD>
Delay: 0.05 seconds
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALTU>

or this

Keystroke Speed: 30 milliseconds
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALTD><ALTU>
Keystroke Speed: 0 milliseconds

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I have rarely found a reason to use <ALTD> and <ALTU>. I find <ALT> works fine as a modifier key.


<ALT> by itself moves focus from the active window to the menu bar, or, if the application uses ribbons, to the ribbon. Little known factoid: <F10> does exactly the same thing.


So to activate the File menu:




(You must use lowercase f; <ALT>F is equivalent to <ALT><SHIFT>f, which in some applications does nothing; but in some applications it is a hotkey. For example, in Word, <ALT><SHIFT>f changes the style to "Footnote Text Style")


Similarly, to activate the Home ribbon:




In Macro Express, there are several ways to code these kinds of key sequences:


Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALT>h // Easiest way



Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALT> // First, move focus to the ribbon

Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): h // Then, activate the Home ribbon




Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALTD>h<ALTU> // This is overkill in my view!


For standard Windows hotkeys like Alt+F4 and Alt+spacebar, these work nicely:


Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALT><F4> // Close this window
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALT><SPACE> // Activate the System menu for this window

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I think frameingreen is using Alt to toggle the ribbon menu shortcuts on.


Frameingreen you might look for an existing keyboard shortcut in your application. EG Ctrl+P to print. You can find several lists online.

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If it's a command on a ribbon in an Office product that you want to access, and there is no default hotkey for the command, I find this approach works nicely. In this example, I am automating "Paste Special" in Word. You may need to a short delay between the first and second lines to make it reliable.


Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALT>h // Home ribbon

Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): v // Paste

Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): s // Paste Special...

Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): Unf // Select "unformatted" from the listview (only the first few letters are needed)

Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <Enter> // Activate the default button (OK)

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