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how to debug?????


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I have never used the debug features in Macro Express. Usually I just run the macro and try to figure out the problem myself. Now I'm having a weird problem but I don't seem to be able to use the debug features properly. I followed instructions in the book Macro Express Explained, but I still did not get anything in the debug window.

What's happening is that the macro is eliminating one character from some text. I don't know how this is happening. I have never seen this before. Anyway, what is the secret to debugging??? Why can't I see anything in the debug window?

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This is what I do:

1. Open the macro to debug in the Scripting Editor.

2. Click Debug, Debug Windows, Variable Values to display the Variables window.

3. Highlight the line in the macro where you want to test.

4. Press Ctrl+B to set a breakpoint

5. Click the run button (green arrow)

The macro will run up to the breakpoint. Note the values in the variables in the Variables window.

6. Press the F8 button to step on macro line at a time. Watch the variables change in the Variables window.

I hope this helps.

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