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Window activate. Why can I not see my window?

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Hi I've encountered a bit of a puzzle. I'm using Windows 10.

I'm drawing a line from one point to another. Mouse down / mouse move / mouse up.

In Photoshop this works as I'm able to use Window activate and browse to my Untitled-1 document.

In Corel Painter 2017 however, the current document is not listed when I try to browse to it. I see Corel Painter 2017 in the list, but not the document. It's not hidden. I am unable to draw a line - the mouse goes through the sequence, but nothing gets drawn. I've tried a mouse click on the doc to see if that will activate or gain focus, but no.

Any suggestions?


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Hi again rberq.

It's working fully now..

The issue I was having seems to be Corel related .. here's a thread with the same sort of problem. Perhaps my macro was simulating the same scenario somehow. There seems to be no logical explanation why one brush would work and not another.  Lesson learned!


Thanks again..


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