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Del Key Spasmodic In One App


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I have V3.10.0.1.

I've used Macro Express for many years--great app!

When editing on one program (Scrivener), when I hold down the delete key, the deletion of characters starts and stops. It will delete some characters, then pause briefly, then delete a whole bunch, and so on.

If I suspend ME, the repetition of the character deleting is normal.

The backspace key works fine (no herky jerky).

The problem only happens in this one application.

Anyone else seen something like this? Suggestions on how to fix it?




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Holding down the DEL key invokes what used to be called type-a-matic repetition.  Like when you hold down the space bar to type many spaces in a row.  Maybe Windows is feeding DEL keystrokes to Scrivener faster than Scrivener can handle them.  Macro Express uses some system resources, so I'm guessing that is just enough time stolen from Scrivener to make the difference.  Google "how to change keyboard speed in Windows". 

Out of curiosity, why do you delete by holding down the DEL key, rather than by highlighting text and hitting the DEL once? 

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I think rberg's explanation is likely valid. I have a suggestion that doesn't address your original question. You can delete multiple characters by holding down the shift key and pressing the arrow right key multiple times. If you also hold down the ctrl key you can highlight a word with each arrow key press. Then when everything is highlighted you can press the delete key once.

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