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Strange Administrator Behaviour

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I followed the instruction posted in another thread here :- https://www.macros.com/faq/1.92.html for setting Macro Express up to run as an Administrator.

Now I've noticed a simple one line macro desktop shortcut doesn't work.

The only line in the macro is:-


I tried sending it to a log file and it doesn't record anything.

If I run the same macro from Macro Explorer, it works every time.

Oddly, if I right click the desktop shortcut and 'Run as Administrator' it DOES work, but not when double clicking or right clicking and selecting Open.

Can someone else see if they are seeing this behaviour please before I submit it to support?

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Try using MeProc.exe. I don't recommend your method of using shortcuts but it should work if the shortcut uses MeProc.exe instead of MacExp.exe. MeProc looks to see is MEP is running already and hands the command over to it if found. I think it should then work since MEP is running as an administrator at that point. Otherwise another instance of MEP is launched with normal permission. If that doesn't work please post the command and parameters of your shortcut. Also I think one can set a shortcut for "Run as Administrator". 

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