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Removing Sidebar?

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Have I overlooked a setting that will remove the Sidebar please?

I appreciate it's only a few keystrokes to toggle it off/on, but I very rarely need it and I use the extra space it takes.

If there is no setting, how about a hack?

(I tried a simple macro activated by MX Explorer opening, but found it unreliable.)

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I have kept the sidebar hidden for so long that I forgot it existed! Like you, I find it takes up too much UI real estate. The only thing I might use it for is a shortcut for creating a new macro, but I already have a hotkey macro that creates a new macro.


What I did years ago was choose Options > View > Sidebar. The Sidebar hasn't appeared since.



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So your sidebar doesn't appear automatically every time you start MX Explorer?

That seems to imply there's a 'Save settings' option somewhere that I've missed. I'll take another look when back at my PC tomorrow.

Terry, UK

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In a more careful check of Preferences I found this setting which appeared to be what I'd missed.


But using it caused further problems as follows.

I ensured that the Sidebar was not displayed. Then I enabled Preferences > General > Misc > 'Save settings as defaults for all users' and clicked Apply.

But as soon as I clicked OK, my main macro file FULL-2016.mex was suddenly closed and this empty macex.mex file appeared in its place.


If I then re-opened FULL.mex, the Sidebar was back and I found that the above setting was again now disabled.

Worse, I'm now unable to close that macex.mex file.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK



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