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is Macros Express usable in a secure or remote browser environment?


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Hi Folks,

I was wondering if someone could help me determine if Macro Express is able to operate a remote browser from Windows 10?

If this is really possible, can it be built the same way the sample macro Launch_Web_And_Fill_Out_For?

Thank you! 


remote desktop.png

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Hi Samrae!

Thank you for trying to help me!

Let me tell you everything i know.

My computer is running Windows 10, and i want to connect to another computer (also running Windows 10) through a remote session. As i'm connected to my remote PC, I want to know if i can run macros from my local PC, to launch my FireFox browser and navigate through a website. Is this possible by using a specific scope? If so, how is this possible since Macro Express only sees programs installed on my local PC and not my remote PC? Or am i missing something? 


Or should i just install Macros Express right on the remote PC, and run macros from there? 

Sorry, i'm such a novice to this.


Any insight will be greatly appreciated. 

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As far as I know you need to install Macro Express on the remote computer. However, I found some articles about using Macro Express with Remote Desktop Connection that hint otherwise. It sounds like it may be possible for your macros to work on the remote computer. Maybe you could try what the articles suggest and let us know how it turns out.

macros do not work when using a Remote Desktop Connection in full screen mode

How can I use Macro Express with Remote Desktop Connection?

using the Remote Desktop Client in full-screen mode, my macros will not work

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I run Macro Express remotely through a VPN. Macro Express is installed on both machines. If I am interacting with the remote desktop, the remote version of ME is running and I can use it from my local machine. If I am interacting with my local desktop, the local version of ME is recognized.


Sometimes there are timing issues when running ME remotely. A script that works reliably may need additional "time shims" when accessed remotely due to internet bottlenecks. 

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Thank you everyone for helping me see if this will work. 

According to the knowledge base, it should be possible, but ME must be installed on BOTH machines?

I tried to get a simple text to program macro to work in a remote desktop desktop environment, and it worked. But. when I try to send an email from my remote desktop, ME goes nuts and does other actions unrelated to what I want to do. So, to get around this issue, should i use Scripting Editor, or record my macro, and select  "On this computer"? I'm confused. :(

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Whenever I see something like "ME goes nuts and does other actions unrelated to what I want to do" it tells me that the macro needs to slow down. Try adding Delay commands to your macro.

Even when I record a macro I go back and and edit the macro via the Scripting Editor to optimize it.

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