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Iterate through files in a folder and process each ohe

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New user, testing out Macro Express Pro. Please point me in the right direction here. I have a program to analyze physiological data, which I do on an ongoing basis. I have recorded a macro to open a data file with the program, click through the menus to do the process and save the 2 output files. Seems to work OK. But, I need to go through hundreds of these data files. So, I need to sequentially go through the data files in a given directory, process the data with the program, save to 2 output files each that contain the filename of the original data file plus a "z" or "f" to reflect the type of analysis.

I'm thinking that I'll need a macro to iterate throught the data file directory, each time recording the name of the respective data file, and run another macro that actually produces the output files (naming each one accordingly).

Some general pointers is probably all I need.



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