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I am loading data created in Excel. Cells within any given roll can be blank. The excel file is saved as type CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv)

I created an If Variable %T[13]% equals ""

I created an If Variable %T[13]% equals " "

The program still thinks the variable has a value.

Any suggestion (other than using at tab delimited file

Thanks for you help




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Sample file attached.

My command is as follows:

File Name: Ven Upload

File Format: Comma Delimited Text (.csv)

Variable array %T%


If Variable

Variable %T[6]%



Or " "


If you look at the .csv file in notepad you will see ,,,, No date exist (I tried that command as well with no result) Macro Express thinks there is data in the blank field.

File attached.

Any suggestions?




Sample CSV Upload.csv

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When you enter the command
you must NOT type the double-quotes in the value (comparison) field.
That is, to compare to an empty field, you type nothing at all in the value field.  You do not type “”.
Similarly, to compare to a single blank, you type a space in the value field, you do not type “ “.  
At least that’s the way it works in ME version 3.  
Can’t tell if that is your error or not, from what I can see in your message.
The file processes as you want it to on my machine – that is, field 7 is empty on most lines as far as ME is concerned.

ASCII File Begin Process: "test.csv" (Comma Delimited Text )
  Text Box Display: %T1%,%T2%,%T3%,%T4%,%T5%,%T6%,%T7%,%T8%,%T9%,%T10%,%T11%,%T12%,%T13%,%T14%,%T15%,%T16%,%T17%,%T18%
  If Variable %T7% = ""
  If Variable %T7% = " "
    Text Box Display: T7 contains data
  End If
ASCII File End Process


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