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comparing and removing portions of two variables

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Hi, I'm not sure how to do this.  I have two sets of data.  In Database 1:  I have a person's name (i.e. David Smith) which I assign T72 and a separate Database 2---the same person but with his professional title added (i.e. David Smith RN).   I will assign this name+title as T73 .  Is there a way to "compare" the two variables [T72 and T73] and then "strip" T72 information out of T73 leaving only the individual's title which I can assign to another variable to manipulate it further.

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If the data is consistent -- that is, name portion is exactly the same in both databases -- perhaps you could use the length of the name. 

Variable Modify String: Right Trim %T72%                                 (get rid of trailing blanks in name)
Variable Set Integer %N72% from Length of Variable %T72%   (length of name into variable N72)
Variable Modify String: Delete Part of %T73%                           (starting position 1, length N72)
Variable Modify String: Trim %T73%                                          (get rid of leading and trailing blanks in title)

If the names are not identical between the two databases, it becomes vastly more complicated. 

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