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I have to end MacExp.exe *32 process after every session, or ME wont launch again

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I can launch ME only once with success.  I use a desktop icon to run ME.  After a while I close the program with Alt-F4.  

When I try to launch ME again... nothing happens. No splash screen, no message, no action. 

In the Task Manager I can End Process called MacExp.exe *32.  Then I'm able to launch ME again with no problems.

Any ideas?  Thanks

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Probably what you see on the screen is Macro Explorer, which lists all your macros and allows you to double-click to edit them.  Macro Express runs independently of Macro Explorer.  Macros can run regardless of whether you have Macro Explorer active or not. 

At the top of the Macro Explorer screen, select Options | Preferences | Appearance.  Set Show in System Tray and a block letter "M" will appear when ME itself is running, regardless of whether Macro Explorer is running or not. 

If you have ended Macro Explorer, you can restart it by clicking once on the system tray icon.  Or right-click the icon to get a list of options, such as starting the Editor (Macro Explorer), terminating Macro Express (AND Macro Explorer if running), etc.  Options | Preferences | Startup also allows you to specify whether Explorer (also called Editor) is to start (or not) when Macro Express itself starts. 


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