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A scheduled macro never runs

Upton O Good

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A macro runs perfectly when launched manually.  It is scheduled to run weekly, but never does.

I have checked the system clock and tried many times. It doesn't ever run any time during a week.

At the scheduled time, ME is open. That is, it's launched and on top of the the desktop. I see these three processes:

MacEdit.exe *32, MacExp.exe *32, ME3x64.exe

Any ideas? Thank you.

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I think I see the problem.  rberq's screen shot prompted me to review my schedule settings more closely.  I did not have "Play macro indef" checked, and then the date range is active.  I had the default date range from like the 1800s.  I bet it will work fine now, but at the moment I'm late for work so cant try.  Thank you both for reply.

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