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Cannot run any PGM macros

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I'm trying to use macros from the full PGM library downloaded from the Insight page. Mainly with the objective about date/time arithmetic I described in my parallel forum post:

But when I activate any of them and accept this request to allow registry values to be created


I get the message "Line 81 ({ PGM Setup }): Debug Error: Could not access the specified registry value"

I followed the instructions here to the letter as far as I know:

That line 81 is:
Read Registry Value "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Professional Grade Macros\Folders\Home" into %T[1]%

As you see (if my attachment works!), I have no folder here called 'Folders' in registry key
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Professional Grade Macros\"

Are others successfully using the PGM macros under Win 10? Last June in discussion here with Sam I appeared to be doing so too. Although that may possibly have been on my XP PC.



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So it's possible that anti-malware software on your computer could be blocking the creation of registry settings. This is how malware works, seems likely it could be interfering. You should try running the installer as an administrator and disabling all security software for the duration of the installation.

I downloaded the PGM once when I first started using MEP. But every time I wanted a function it seemed the PGM did things a little differently than I wanted and i just ended up making my own. Eventually I gave up on it. At one time I had a fairly large library of Macros I used as sub-routines.

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I meant to suggest you turn off ANTI-malware or ANTI-virus, not that you have malware. For instance I know McAfee makes it impossible to install Carbonite or any of it's updates. It blocks many changes the installer tries ot make. So I disable it, run the install, then re-enable. 

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