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Shortcuts extremely slow

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when i have macro express opened - then the shortcuts e.g. outlook  work extremely slow (e.g. Ctrl+k) after inserting a name to look in the global addressbook - it works but extremely slow - the short key isnt used in macro express - any idea?

thank you!



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How slow is slow?  1/4 second response, 4 second response, what?

Also, when Macro Express is running, are there any long-running macros or resource-intensive macros that could be sucking up processor time?

With ME running, if you go into Windows Task Manager, can you see any processes using a lot of resources -- CPU, disk, memory? 

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Ok, the answers- i manually Type ctrl+k in Outlook after i have written a Name to find this Name in the global adressbook-no i have no macros opend in that Moment, If i close Macro Express the Shortcut takes half a Second, if macro Express is opened about 10 seconds. Any ideas thank you


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1. Review all of your Macro Express scripts and see if any are triggered by Ctrl + K. You are looking for a conflict with the built in Outlook command. (I didn't know anybody else used Ctrl + K in the To and CC fields other than me! :) (K stands for "komplete" the address!)


2. Are you running any other macro scripting programs like AutoHotkey?


3. Try a total shutdown of Windows. Not a log off, but a shutdown.

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I would check your internet security software. Windows Defender was causing this exact error some time ago. At times Norton Internet Security does that today.

Also, what version of Macro Express are you using? Sometimes certain issues are fixed by updating to the latest version.

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