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if i fill in a web formular with this command - this command works too fast - it misses some words - i changed the provider and now my speed is much faster - how can i slow down the speed of writing the words in the formular - macro playback speed has no effect. thank you

%NameArray[1]%<TAB>%NameArray[2]%<TAB>%BFGBeschreibung%<TAB>Mitarbeiter der Max Muster Beratungs- und Vertriebs AG, Filialdirektion %GS%<TAB>%TelefonArrayNeu[1]%<TAB>%TelefonArrayNeu[2]%<TAB><TAB>%Agenturemail%@muster.de<TAB><TAB><TAB><ENTER>


thank you

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Two things. First, slow down your Keystroke speed. Second, and maybe not necessary, you might add a delay in between each field. IE make it several commands with a delay between. Some web forms do things programmatically in their scripts when you type something in a field and leave it. Like validation. It takes time and the form might not be ready for more input.

On second thought, I would try to add the delays between fields first. 

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I find that keystroke speed of 30ms is satisfactory for most screens:

Keystroke Speed: 30 Milliseconds

Also, in the Text Type command there is an option to "Use Clipboard to Paste Text".  I don't know if you are using that option -- I avoid it because it seems to fail too often; don't know why.

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