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Find Text and Get Coordinates in a web browser?

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I am a new user to ME and could use some help. Using Capture feature in ME, I am using the find feature in Chrome to find specific text which I have working. The text becomes highlighted. I now want to get the location of the text so that I can move the mouse cursor and select it with the mouse command. How do I do this? Thanks.

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In the Tools menu, select Mouse Locator (it creates a little box window showing the coordinates of the mouse)
Not only does it display the coordinates, but you can POSITION the mouse at any desired point (when you are in Edit mode, see option under the Capture option)
While in the Edit mode,  look at left, see Mouse, and use the little down arrow to open up the Mouse options.
Double-click Mouse Move
Position the mouse at the desired position, then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Space to insert that position into the command.

If you also want to copy the chunk of text, consider using the Keyboard command, which enables you to do things like Shift-End capture the characters from current position to end of text. And Ctrl-C to copy that text.

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To expand on Bruce's excellent explanation...

There is no (easy) way to move the mouse pointer to selected text. But experiment with Chrome to find out whether it supports standard Windows hotkeys for selecting text once you have zeroed in the text using the Find command, e.g.:

Shift + right arrow (select one character to the right)

Shift + Ctrl + right arrow (select one word to the right)

Shift + Home (select to the start of the line)

Shift + End (select to the end of the line)


This is a partial list of hotkeys for selection within a webpage. There are others, pretty well all of which involve holding down the Shift key.

With Chrome, you may need to press F7 to enable selection via keyboard. It's a toggle (it's either ON or OFF) so you may need to turn it off once you're done selecting text, e.g., F7, Shift + Ctrl + Right,  F7.

Overall, I find Firefox more versatile than Chrome -- and much more versatile than Internet Explorer -- when I am scripting macros that select text on a webpage.

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