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Different screen resolutions

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i use the command mouse move x,y relative to current window and after that click mouse - when i use  my laptop it works perfectly, when i use my extern monitor it doesn,t work - is there a practical solution, to use this command with different solutions and monitors.


Thank you!


Martin Krug


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Hi Martin,

Strange inconsistency indeed. I don't have a laptop and use only one monitor with my PC, but one thought is to try adding a Windows Reposition  command somewhere before your Mouse Move. I'm hoping that, unlike my screenshot below, you will have access to the Monitor field and able to experiment.


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Only solution I can think of is for the macro to check the screen resolution and apply a formula to the mouse coordinates.  Write a separate macro to do the math, that you can call (run) from your main macro -- otherwise you will get tired coding the same logic over and over. 

Don't know if it will work, but it's easy to test. 

Variable Set Integer from Screen Height / Width


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I use separate macros with mouse coordinate variables specific to a particular screen resolution. I then have my macros first check the screen resolution (I have a registry setting where I record the screen resolution for the particular PC) and run the macro containing the variables for the mouse locations for that particular screen resolution. My mouse position commands are then setup similar to  Mouse Move: %Search_x%, %Search_y% Relative to screen.


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