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Ensuring 'stacked' windows are not obscured?

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I've posted this query in a couple of newsgroups and forums, such as here,


but I'm beginning to doubt I'll get  a neat solution. So I'm wondering if a macro could contribute to achieving it.  Any ideas please? Particularly about getting recently opened windows 'on top'.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Pleased to report I seem to have found a very simple solution. I didn't think it could cover all scenarios. But so far, no matter how I arrange or minimise my three target windows, the edited macro delivers an unobscured result. I simply added this command at the end. All target files end with -Elev.jpg, so presumably this acts on all three. Not sure how it does it, without a Repeat or similar, but hey, if it works...

Window Show: -Elev.jpg


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