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I am sure this is an obvious problem, but I have created simple macros--copy, paste, and select all--but they don't work unless I am in the program Macro Express. They are set to work globally as is the toolbar.

I've attached some screenshots. Any help would be much appreciated. 




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In order for a macro to run you need to do two things. First, select an activation. Second, write the macro script. Then, when the activation is performed, the script runs.

From your screenshots it looks like you have created a menu macro. To activate a macro when using a menu macro you have to see the menu and you have to choose an item on the menu.

Is the menu displayed?

What happens when you select an item on the menu?

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Yes, I create a macro for copy text. I then create a toolbar and assign that macro to the toolbar. The toolbar appears and I select the macro for copying text. But what happens is that the window switches to the macro express editor.


Now I also have a macro that opens the Desktop folder in Explorer. I assign the macro to the toolbar and when I select it, it works. it seems like the macros for copy, paste, and cut are the problems.

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