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Rename Folder Error

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I have two different folders for the same game. The other folder contains the original game, and the other folder contains the modded version of the same game.


Every time I want to play either the vanilla or the modded game, I need to rename the folders for Steam to recognize the version of the game I want to play at the moment. For a while I changed the names of the folders manually, but I got fed up with it and created a macro to do the boring and slow work for me instead.


I have a prompt of two options, between playing the modded or the original version.

When I try to use the Rename Folder -command in my macro, it creates an error. The folder won't be renamed.


I see no reasons for this error. I have checked many times, that the macro should work as intended. I have checked the folder names. I have closed Macro Express Pro and reopened it with admin rights. Nothing I have tried has worked out so far.


Here are two screenshots about the case.

Any ideas?




Thanks in advance!

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The rename instruction does NOT simply assume that the path to "new-name-folder" is the same as the path to "old-namd-folder" -- though logically, what else could it be?:(

So, before the Rename Folder instruction, use Change Directory/Folder to set the working folder to

Alternatively, specify the full path for the new name in the Rename Folder command.

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Your macro does not appear to deal with option '1'.

If Variable %T[1]% Equals "1"
End If

does nothing.

Which is fine if you never, ever, want to revert to that option, but presumably sometime you will want to.

That aside, even with your logic corrected, that seems an unnecessarily complicated way of running two separate programs IMO. Why not simply have two separate shortcuts?


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