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The Macro Express Help feature is good for looking up something like this.  I found the following note:

Note 1:  If a macro is scheduled to run every 1 second and the macro takes 5 seconds to execute, then this function will not operate properly.

A bit ambiguous.  I tested with a very simple macro scheduled to run every 15 seconds and display a text box that went away only when I clicked OK.  If I did not click to allow the macro to end, a second text box did not appear no matter how long I waited.  Don't know if the second (or third or fourth etc.) instance was queued, or was running but frozen, or what.  You could set up a test macro and experiment with various timings to get a better feel. 

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I assume this arises from your your project 'Program macro at random interval'. The devil is in the details, as usual. In particular, you haven't yet told us how long your macro will take to do its task: a minimum and maximum duration. That will obviously influence the design.

As I mentioned, it's also possible that further simplification might be possible, depending on the sort of work your macro does.


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