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Variables not Clearing

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I have a had issues  with not  being able to clear variables and the macro will repeat a process again because those variable are still somehow there,  even after  a restart of MEPro.  I do not have any Save Variables commands in the macro, but I have  several clear variables though out the macros.    This is several macros linked together as it's growing in to a large set of macros that will handle different requests received via email.  When the macro has finished and ends with a clear all variables I F5 to see the variable there is nothing.   I have a simple macro that is schedule to start after 3 mins of idle to check for new emails. Even if there is no new email it some how has the variables from he last time it ran and repeats the previous request again. 

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I'll bet you my bottom dollar that if MEP is terminated and restarted, there is no way a variable will persist unless it's saved and restored in some way. 

Please provide us with a sample macro that succinctly demonstrates the problem.

Be careful with the viewing variables via F5. There are times when it can be misleading. I recommend you ad some message dialog boxes or do some variable saves to files if you're having problems. 

How are you scoping your variables? I'm guessing this is your problem. Scope is often hard for people to understand. I wrote this web page to describe it. 

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So I have toggled the macros variable to local, tested and got the same results.    I will try a terminate macro express to see if that wipes it.     Thanks for the hint.  Since I am building macros that will be able to call upon other macros if something is needed and to allow my self a singular point of updating and trouble shooting the macros this way I have. 

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