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Macro stops at login

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I have created a macro that starts up our ERP software and runs a dashboard before I get to work.  I've tested it and it works fine.  Before I leave work, I "Lock" my PC and when I log back into Windows 10, in the morning, the macro is at my ERP login screen.  If I have my PC "Locked", will it not be able to send keystroke commands to enter my username and password?  Any help would be appreciated.



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It's not an MEP limitation, it's Windows. When you lock your workstation Windows knows there is no way a user can interact with any of the programs and essentially suspends all user controls. ME commands that do things like copying files still work. This problem exists in Remote Desktop sessions that are disconnected as well.

I can't think of any way you will be able to get past this limitation in Windows. You might want to see if there are any command line options for your ERP software. Or look for an option to keep you logged into the software and use the Windows Scheduler to somehow refresh that report.

Maybe you can access your computer remotely via RDP and run the report prior to leaving for work. 

Can you turn off your monitor instead of locking?

Sorry, I can't think of any great ways around this. 

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On a couple occasions I set up ME on an always-active network server to do off-hours functions like this.  Depends whether you have such servers available, whether you have permission to use them, and so on.  You might not even need ME if you can use the Windows scheduler on the server to start the job.

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I've used dedicated machines using VNC instead of RDP. With VNC, when one disconnects, the session keeps functioning. I'm sure many remote apps like it work the same way. I've used LogMeIn also. 

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