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"or" clause in color search

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I don't think so. But that may be a blessing in disguise. I avoid "REPEAT UNTIL" because I've had too many experiences of freezes when the condition, for whatever reason, cannot be met.

But you can test for two or more conditions using IF statements. My approach is to use a "failsafe" to exit the loop if the condition is not met within a reasonable number of iterations. For example, if I am checking pixel colours along a horizontal line, the failsafe value might be the width of the screen as measured in pixels.

In pseudocode:

// Check each pixel along (x, 100) for Colour = 11111 or Colour = 22222

Failsafe = 1200
x = 0
y = 100

Repeat Failsafe Times
     Colour = Pixel Color at (x, y)
     If Colour = 11111
     If Colour = 22222
         // Pixel has been found!
         Macro Stop
          x = x + 1
Repeat End
// Pixel not found!

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That's what I would do. Use a condition to escape when the conditions are met and set it to a reasonable number of iterations just in case the value is never found. 

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