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copied data showing on many lines ( not just one )

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I have a macro that collects data from google analytics.

There are about 10 different bits of data and I wanted to open a spread sheet at the end and paste is all. Which it does do..

However the data is not all in a line. the macro must copy space / line breaks etc from Google analytics that I can't see.

So what I want is my data to be %T1%<tab>%T2%<tab>%T3%<tab> etc

and when excel opens and it's typed out it's all in a line side by site.

what is happening is it appears on many times so T1 will be 1st then t2 will be on the second line and t3 beside it.. then t456 will be on the next line etc.


Is there a way to remove all line breaks / hidden spaces before it gets to the text type part ?

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Once you have isolated T1, T2, etc., try Variable Modify String [Trim] on each text variable.  I think that will do it.  There's also a [Left Trim] and a [Right Trim] option. 

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Variable Modify String [Trim] removes spaces, line breaks, carriage returns, and the like from left and right ends of the variable.  You don't "tell" Trim what to trim, it just does it.  See Macro Express "Help" screens for further explanation.  If you want to see what is there, you could write your text variables to a text file, then look at the file with a hex editor if you have one. 

But start by just trying Trim and see if it helps. 

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