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Puzzling absence of explorer.exe

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I was trouble-shooting a simple macro that stopped responding to its hotkey activation. Any hotkey or other activation. Runs OK when run in debug mode. Eventually established that it's a scope issue. It was set to run only if EXPLORER.EXE was the active program. (The macro simply moves any selected file to a specific folder.) Now, Explorer is running; witness the taskbar, folder opening, etc. And it's listed in Win 10's Task Mgr. But MEP does not list it when I come to assign it afresh. Specifying it explicitly as C:\Windows\Explorer.exe or restarting MEP didn't help.

Closing Explorer from the TM and then re-opening it made no difference. I expect a reboot will fix it, and I'll do that asap. But meanwhile I'd be interested to know if anyone has ever had similar odd behaviour please?

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No. BUt I remember other post here a year or more ago concerning MEP's inability to see certain running tasks. I remember we were creating lists of running tasks and comparing them to exports from the system information and there were a large percentage missing from the MEP list. I don't remember what became of it, you might search and see if you cna find it. 

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