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Mostly. One problem is UWP apps including Edge. AKA "Modern" or "Store" apps. MS has designed them to be more secure against keystroke loggers and other malware which defeats most functionality for automation apps like MEP. But all traditional WinForm apps and Windows API functions (E.G. file manipulation) still work with MEP. 

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What is an SNT file? I don't know of anything in MEP with an SNT extension. 

SNT is the extension for Windows Sticky Notes. If this is what you're referring to, then MEP will not work because, as I pointed out earlier, it's a UWP application. I doubt any automation utility will function. The keyboard hooks don't work so the macro will never activate because MEP never sees the hidden keystrokes. 

Have you tired MEP in other applications? Try a simple text type macro in Notepad. 

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Try opening the samples.mex in the installation folder. and typing Alt+P. If a popup menu launches, it's working. Or run any of the other sample macros like "Type Special Characters".

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