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Store web URL in variable and launch it


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1. Check that the "Don't Process the Embedded Variable" checkbox is unchecked.

2. Confirm the URL is actually in %T15% by outputting the value somewhere, e.g., Text Box Display or Text Type.

3. Then ensure the URL is correctly formatted: Macro Express does not like spaces before or after the URL when you are using the Web Site command.

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I tested with MacroExpress version 3, using the URL for this forum page, and running the macro successfully brought me right here:

Variable Set String %T1% "https://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/topic/8145-store-web-url-in-variable-and-launch-it/"
Web Site: %T1% [Default Browser]


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I've moved away from this idea.

I had 2 more vaiables being set in the URL which where not working

I had 2 prompts at the start to enter start and end dates T1 and T2 then it would go to a spreadsheet and copy the main URL something like


and anytime it pasted this into the browser is would just paste T1 and T2 and not the actual dates.

In the end I just set Excel to change the dates based on a cell value and copied the whole URL into the browser and that worked.

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