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I'm new to Macro Express but I have an urgent project, the usual last minute, can you do this.


I need to get a web site, then enter information into some fields on the site from a file, select search, when I get the result, capture the result in another file, then repeat that about a 1000 times.


Any help would be appreciated



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I’m not sure what your question is. Is your question “Can it be done?” If it is then the answer is yes, probably. Or are you asking for general advice? If this is the case I’m sure we could help you if we had a little more information.


But maybe you are looking for someone to do it for you? If this is the case I could give you a hand. About a year ago I wrote a macro to harvest all the messages from a Yahoo group that was about to go supernova. There were 57,000 posts and Yahoo Groups had several foils designed to thwart exactly what I was doing. It took me 3 days and a half dozen machines all working in coordination to get the job done. BTW, the group admin and core group asked me to do it for them so it wasn’t like I was doing anything wrong. So I have some experience with this sort of thing and it sounds similar to what you are asking. You can email me at cory@bluepointdesign.com or call me at 760.612.4964.

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