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Can ME3 take screen shots and save them


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I haven't tested it, but you could try:

(1) Text Type [PrintScreen] to get the screen shot into the clipboard,
(2) Program Launch to start Paint or some other graphics application,
(3) Text Type Ctrl-v to paste from the clipboard,
(4) Text Type save commands to the graphics app, then commands to exit from the graphics app.

Also there are screen-grabber applications that you probably could run via macro commands -- see commands for launching of programs. 

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I do this often enough, the question prompted me to set up a macro to do it.  This is with ME3; ME Pro would be the same.

// Capture screen with PrintScreen key, start Paint program, paste screen shot
Text Type: <PRTSCR>
Delay 300 Milliseconds
Launch and Activate: "mspaint.exe"
Delay 300 Milliseconds
Text Type: <CTRLD>v<CTRLU>


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