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Mismatched Syntax Errors

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I am getting the following syntax errors and it seems to prevent the ASCII file process from working.   I have deleted and recreated both the Process and Repeat Commands. I have also copied everything to a new macro with out any.    I have carefully checked and make sure everything is accounted for Syntax errors are normally easy to fix.  It seem like the Start and End are not seeing each other. 

Does anyone have any Idea why this is happening or a fix? 

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It's nearly impossible without seeing all of your code. You have a loop or condition out of order someplace. Bear in mind  that the line number it cites is often not the one that is out of whack. I find in cases like this about 50% of the time a line of code not even in the errors is the culprit. 

If you don't want to share your code then I recommend starting a new macro. Copy over only the loops and conditions with dummy code to track your progress. Work it out there to find your error. Also I will sometimes print my code and with a pencil write brackets tho the left of all the conditions. A short horizontal line out from each loop or condition command. Elses, ends, all of them. Then connect each set with a vertical. No lines should cross and all should have terminating commands. 

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Sometimes I will copy a macro into a temporary macro . Then I will delete all of the code except for anything that is conditional or looping. That often helps me see where the problems lie. 

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