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Got the software yesterday.

All I want is a macro that would search for ok buttons and click on them to close the message boxes.

By the way, cant MEP search based on a graphic pattern?


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You would do better to make forum posts for each subject. 

Searching graphically can be done but it's code intensive. One must iterate though each pixel and observe colors and make decisions. It is cumbersome and problematic. 

MEP can easily click on OK buttons. Please review the help file section on Windows Controls. You will define a path to the control, get the control address at run time, and you can click on the control. You can even make the appearance of a control as an activation for the macro. There is an example macro demonstrating controls either in your installation folder or on ISS's website. I forget which. It uses Windows Calculator. Play with that to learn how to get a control's address and click on it. 

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