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Find soemthing in a document and copy it out

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I've many large files over 20000 lines each

In each file there is about 5000 names i need to copy out - names could be different lengths etc.

All the names start with @

So I could tell ME3 to look for that - but I don't know how to tell it to only copy the name and then repeat.


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Probably can be done with command Text File Begin Process, which loops for the entire file and passes one line at a time to a text variable.  Read about it in the Help section.  If you need to copy the whole line starting with @, it's easy.  If you need to copy less than the whole line, the hard part may be where to leave off -- that is, what delineates the end of the name to be copied?  

Show us a couple dozen representative lines; change the names to protect the innocent, if necessary. 

If your files are not text files, then ????

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How many words in each name? Or does the number of words vary?

If it's a fixed number of words, then selecting the names and copying them may be straightforward. Part of your script might look like this, assuming each name is two words long. (This is in pseudocode, but it's similar to Macro Express code

Type "<CONTROL>f"   // Find
Type "@<ENTER>"     // Search for @ and initiate the search
Type "<ESC>          // Cancel the search
Type "<CONTROL><SHIFT><RIGHT> //  Select the 1st word
Type "<CONTROL><SHIFT><RIGHT> //  Select the 2nd word
Type "<CONTROL>c" // Copy to the clipboard


In many text editors, pressing F3 repeats the previous search. In Microsoft Word, the hotkey is Shift + F5. Knowing these factoids might help simplify the project.

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Paste the names into Excel.

Then use the 'Capture' feature of MacroExpress to demonstrate to Excel how to do one of the names and step to the start of the next name.

Then  use the 'Edit macro' to insert features of the 'Repeat' menu such as 'Repeat start' 'Repeat Counter' and 'Repeat Until'

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