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Does ME3 scheduler work on VPS

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I have a windows VPS running ME3 - I have a macro designed to run once per day.

At the moment it's not working.. If I trigger the macro and watch it it works, but if I close my connection to the VPS it doesn't work. Even though the VPS is still working/running. When i launch the remote connection to it again I can see Macro express still sitting there exactly how I left it.

I even tested this with a repeat and delay. I set up a repeat and a 200 second delay - I ran the 1st time i triggered it as I was watching it.. but when I closed the connection and waited for the results nothing happened .. I opened remote connect to VPS again and the same thing.. The macro said it was still running ( black man icon in tray ) .. but didn't trigger and didn't work.

I can check the if the macro worked by checking a shared Google Sheets page - if it worked there will be some data visible. So i don't  have to launch the remote desktop to see if it works.


So is there a reason why it's not working on VPS ?

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