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Auto Fill a web based form

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That's a long explanation and I don't want to waste too much time in that unless I know you're committed. Many OPs come here and ask things like this and I give a long-winded response and then they disappear. 

I recommend you export your Access table to a CSV file. Then use the ASCII File Process loop command. Once you get that working, report back and we can go to the next step. 

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Copy and paste individual fields.  Maybe copy from the CSV file as Cory suggests; maybe copy from an online display of Access records.  Once copied into a set of Macro Express text variables, switch to the web form and use Text Type to tab to appropriate fields and type or paste the text values into the form. 

More details would be helpful: Do you want to do one table entry at a time, with manual intervention?  Do you want to go automatically through the whole Access table and do one item after another after another? 

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