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What scripts do you use to simplify your interactions with Macro Express?


I use the "Text Type" box regularly to send sequences of  keystrokes, like these:

Alt + f

Ctrl + x

Alt + spacebar


I have 15 Shortkey macros for entering codes into the Macro Express "Text Type" window:


In the "Text Type" window, one "normally" specifies key presses by clicking on words. For example, to insert the code for the up arrow key, <ARROW UP>, click the word "Arrow Up."

But nothing prevent users from typing in the code manually. And since it's possible to type in the code, you can also use Shortkey macros to automate the task.

To ensure these 15 scripts are only available in the "Text Type" window, I set the scope of these macros to "Window Specific" -- an exact match of "Text Type".

All 15 scripts are basically the same. For example, here is the script to insert <ARROW UP>. Note that I broke it onto two lines to prevent the macro from activating itself:

Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ARROW UP
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): >

I use the comma as a prefix for Shortkey macros. So to enter the code to "Tab" three times, type "0," and then press "Enter," I type this:



to produce this:


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One of my problems was how most applications which are focused have their own hotkeys and trying to find a MEP hotkey that works in all focused windows that doesn't interfere with all the apps was difficult. Since a fraction of keyboards do not have a 10-key, and most of my users were on desktop machines with expanded keyboards, I used these keys in combination with the modifier keys. It worked well. But if they need to work for laptop users without a 10-key, it's not going to work. 

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