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OT: Persistent forum problem

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A problem I've reported before to Insight continues to irritate me. I get emails like this example:

Hi terrypin,

Hari has posted a comment on a topic, Using % in variable value

Go to this post: https://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/topic/8188-using-in-variable-value/?do=findComment&comment=28565

-- Macro Express Forums

But on clicking the link I always get this:

Sorry, there is a problem
We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

Error code: 2S136/C

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Strange. It works for me. It must be something in your system.

What if you copy and paste?

Open your browser, open debugger (F12 in most), and paste in the URI. Then look at the network activity. See what the first GET request's URI is. Also look for any strange activity.

Which browser do you have as a default?

Have you tried other browsers?

Try disabling any web security software you might have active.

Try using Word to create that same link and click on the link there. Maybe it's your email client.

What email client are you using? If web-based, you might have web security software messing with your click event. 

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Copy/pasting fails to all browsers: Waterfox (default), Firefox, Chrome, Edge, MSIE 11.)

Opening from my text editor fails, as does clicking it from my email client, Agent. It also fails when clicked in Outlook.

The Debugger is over my head. FWIW, this what I see, before playing  with any of the many tabs and icons.



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The problem is the "&" portion of the URI. When you copy and paste the URI remove "amp;" and it will work. In my browser the link looks like this:


but if I right click and click on Copy Link Location (in Firefox) the link that is copied is:


Note that & is converted to &.

When I click on the link it works correctly. It is likely that this is caused by one of the programs you are using (email client and/or browser).

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Thanks Samrae, you're right. The cause appears to be that my email program, Forte's Agent, does not like that strange URL syntax. It's an offline reader and I have it set by default to display my mail in text format. But if I then use its option to launch the message body in HTML it's displayed correctly in my browser and clicking the link then works correctly.

I get email alerts from many forums and only those from this forum contain the troublesome amp;

Terry, UK



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